Erin Neely, Psy.D.


How Can I Help You?


Dr. Neely specializes

in treating children with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social Communication Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

ADHD & Executive Skill Challenges

Selective Mutism

Attachment Disruption

Low Self Esteem


Parent Concerns

"We saw a neurologist who said she has Autism.

We don't know where to start."

"His teacher is telling us he's not paying attention. 

He never stops moving. 

I'd just like to be able to sit down to dinner."

"She seems so nervous all the time. 

So many things upset her."  

"He can't get to sleep in his own bed. 

It's like he can't turn off his head."

"I can't get her to try new things. 

All she eats is chicken nuggets."

"I'm worried about his self esteem. 

The kids in his class either instigate or ignore him."