Erin Neely, Psy.D.



Dr. Neely's office is located at 370 Portsmouth Avenue in Greenland, NH.  The Cornerstone Commons office building sits at the corner of Route 33, Post Road, and Portsmouth Ave next to the Greenland Veterans' Hall.  Other landmarks at this intersection are Dunkin Donuts and Suds & Soda.  Please note that many GPS systems direct you to another place further down the road.  In fact, looking at the Google map below, the office is actually at the other end of Portsmouth Ave where it joins Rte 33.


Dr. Neely can be emailed at , however new patients are directed to call for their first appointment.


Information may be faxed to

(603) 206-7893.


Whether you are looking for information or to set up an appointment, please feel free to call Dr. Neely at (603)531-1177.