Together we will work toward meeting your specific goals.  In addition, I have the same hopes for all my clients.  When we are done working together, I hope that they:


Have a happy, healthy, enjoyable life.

Value their uniqueness. 

Can share with others the best of themselves. 

Are confident.

Are adaptive.

Can manage life's hurdles.



Treatment with Dr. Neely starts with a unique 5 session assessment process, that leads to a written Whole Child Assessment Report. Dr. Neely has developed this thorough assessment process to create a strong foundation to treatment, making the work as  effective and efficient as possible.


Learn more about the Assessment.


In the first phone call, Dr. Neely will ask you a little bit about your concerns and what is going on.  She will be trying to determine if she has the appropriate expertise in the area of need. 


During treatment Dr. Neely works collaboratively with parents to design a plan that fits well with the family's needs and values.  Therapy typically includes a combination of the following:

Parent Support and Coaching

Health & Nutrition Coaching

Diagnosis Education

Play Therapy

(using principles from traditional models as well as Greenspan's Floortime / D.I.R. model)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Targeted Child Centered Training:

Relaxation, Anger Management, Coping Skills, Social Skills, Anxiety Management

Solution Focused Homework Assignments

Behavior Modification

Social Stories

Picture Schedules and other Visual Aids

Social Thinking Curriculum

Therapeutic Listening®

Collaboration with other treatment providers

Use of the Patient Portal

for homework reminders, online journal, and confidential email 

Recommendations for the child's IEP team to consider

What to Expect

Erin Neely, Psy.D.