Whole Child Assessment Reports for Families

The Whole Child Assessment began its evolution when Dr. Neely realized that many parents choose to take their child to a psychologist because they want to learn about their non-medication options. The purpose of The Whole Child Assessment is to deliver a holistic, child centered, strengths-based framework for understanding your child’s needs, and to offer individualized options for improving your child’s health and quality of life. Families tend expect to talk to a psychologist about feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, and perhaps not about digestion, vision, or fine motor skills. Dr. Neely developed The Whole Child Assessment to more fully address the many possible root causes of behavior.  The Report is organized around the

 Whole Child Assessment Factors:
          Safety          Medical          Functional Health           Family System          
Sensory Processing            Motor Functioning 
Self-Regulation          Speech, Language, & Communication          Cognitive Development 
Social / Emotional Development          School Functioning

This assessment is conducted over 5 sessions. Plan on the first appointment to take an hour and a half.  In this appointment with parents, Dr. Neely gathers as much information as possible to begin to understand what is happening.  Sessions 2, 3,and 4 are 50 minutes sessions with the child.  During these sessions, Dr. Neely will be continuing her assessment, developing the treatment relationship, and beginning treatment.  Session 5 is another hour and a half session for parents, during which Dr. Neely will provide a written report explaining her findings, her recommendations for treatment, as well as suggestions for home, school, or other services if needed.  Dr. Neely has developed this thorough assessment process to create a strong foundation to treatment, making the work as  effective and efficient as possible.

​Dr. Neely bills at $150 per hour. Therefore, the 1 1/2 intake and the 1 1/2 hour feedback sessions are $200 each. All other sessions are $150.  The time spent writing, speaking to concerned others by phone, and scoring and interpreting any testing are all included. As Dr. Neely does not accept insurance, fees for services are due at the time of the appointment.

Whole Child Assessment Reports for Schools

​This evaluation is a comprehensive package that can help shed light on behavioral challenges in the classroom. When providing evaluations to schools, Dr. Neely conducts a history taking interview with parents, meets with school staff, reviews records, administers questionnaires and brief screening measures as needed, observes the child in school, meets with the child 2 times in her office, and then meets with everyone to deliver feedback to parents and team members.

This evaluation can be particularly helpful when:

Interventions don't seem to be working.

The causes of behavior are unclear.

An initial or re-evaluation is being conducted.

The family would like a second opinion on the FBA.

​A less costly option to a full psychological battery is needed.

A more clinical perspective is needed.

The cost of this evaluation to schools is billed at $150 per hour. Average cost is $1800 for 12 hours. Dr. Neely is available for ongoing consultation following an assessment.

Second Opinion Whole Child Assessment Reports

This evaluation is available to clients seeking a second opinion. As Dr. Neely has found in her own practice, this kind of evaluation is very useful for fast-tracking progress. Having a strong foundation creates more effective and efficient work. This Second Opinion Evaluation can be useful at the outset of treatment, when treatment does not seem to be working, or when a less costly option than formal psychological testing is needed. The assessment process proceeds as described in the Whole Child Assessment Reports for Families, with an hour and half for parents, 3 sessions with the child, and an hour and a half for feedback. The cost is the same, however Dr. Neely would not be establishing a treatment relationship, as the meetings will be for assessment only.

What is The Whole Child Assessment?

Erin Neely, Psy.D.